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Love your Honey Pot Queens: Bea Dixon Provides an all Natural Plant-Based Feminine Care System!

Photo Courtesy of The Honey Pot Co.


Photo - Courtesy of

Meet Beatrice Dixon, founder of the plant-based feminine hygiene products The Honey Pot Co. Dixon, established the company in 2012 after battling Bacterial Vaginosis for nearly a year with no source of relief. One night, an ancestor visited her in a dream gifting her the recipe that healed her & now thousands of other women around the world.

What's so special about The Honey Pot Co. is that it's an all-natural herbal-based feminine care system designed to cleanse, protect, and balance your vagina--- no chemicals, artificial fragrances, or toxins. Her products are made to help women feel fresh + clean while providing healing components that fight infections. Dixon is giving women a healthy alternative to feminine care.

The brand's tagline is priceless & transcends a clear message.

"Made by humans with vaginas, for humans with vaginas."

The company has a creative way of discussing feminine care backed by natural products produced to help women feel confident about pads, tampons, or hygiene washes we use during our period.

Made straight from her kitchen, Beatrice Dixon has elevated The Honey Pot into a multi-million dollar company sold online & in Target, Walmart, Urban Outfitters, Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wegmans and Whole Foods.


In February of this year, a Black History National Ad sponsored by Target's Black History Month series "Founders We Believe In," commercial aired & Dixon talked about the company's humble beginnings and the different challenges she experienced during the launch. Target was the helping hand the company needed to inaugurate. At the end of the commercial, Dixon said,

"The reason why it’s so important for The Honey Pot to do well is so the next black girl that comes up with a great idea could have a better opportunity. That means a lot to me."

The commercial was meant to raise inclusivity by advocating for black female entrepreneurs, but a few people felt her statement was racist to white consumers. As a result, the company received backlash on an online review site Trustpilot, condemning Dixon, and Target of discrimination.

Despite the resentment of a few naysayers, the company since sold out of the majority of their products-- online & in-stores. They are working hard to restock their inventory online & the shelves in stores.



Foaming Wash + Post-Partum Herbal Pads + Panty Spray

When I first found out about The Honey Pot Company, I watched the tv series

T-pain's School of Business on FUSE and T-pain had The Honey Pot as one of the featured businesses. My heart smiled when I saw this episode because I was looking for pads, liners, & feminine wipes that I could use that was all-natural & didn't have toxic shit company's like to use to make pads I usually buy. Like Dixon, I battled with yeast infections (especially when I was pregnant w/ my son Malachi) & wearing certain types of pads disrupted my pH balance, so I gave the product a shot.

The pads & liners (haven't tried the tampons) give your vagina this tingling sensation that cools, calms, & soothes. At first, you think the elements used in the pad is going to cause your lady love to burn, but it doesn't. It helps with the flow of your period & keeps down any unwanted odors.

The Art of Ovaries, 2020

I use the Super Herbal Pads w/ Wings, but currently, I am using the Post- Partum Herbal Pads because everything is selling out online & in- stores, so I bought whatever I could get. Thankfully, the post-partum pads are not extremely big & bulky. They are thin like the regular & the super, just longer for additional protection. Using The Honey Pot has helped me with my battle with yeast infections + discomfort.

My queens, I know at times its difficult discussing feminine hygiene & your time of the month, but it is imperative to understand that contents that are absorbed in your body--- such as the ingredients in the pads & tampons we use every month. I recommend visiting The Honey Pot's blog post What You Didn't Know About Pads. It details what ingredients other brands make their pads with & why we may experience discharge & irregular bleeding. I encourage you to transition to The Honey Pot.


Hopefully, this post has inspired, educated, and propelled you to start a business with no fear and support a black-owned business because we are thriving and providing phenomenal products and services. Let Beatrice's story be your motivation! Be sure to check out to purchase the items I talked about + more!


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