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Protect Your Cuts + Bruises with a Melanin Driven Bandage Company



Photo: Courtesy of King Day Productions

Meet Rashid and Intisar Mahdi of Columbus, Ohio. The husband & wife duo founded their business in 2018 when they wanted to expand bandage color-options for their family.

"The bandages we were buying did not match the flesh of our family,” Intisar told Vogue, so we thought to create our own company."

The family-own business not only created bandages to match various skin-tones (specifically for people of color), they also designed character bandages for kids. Their three children were interested in superheroes & princesses printed on them.

"But none of those images that we’d purchase looked like them, Instisar said."

Instead of creating the typical characters seen on tv, the Mahdi's partnered with U.K. based artist Princess Karibo to illustrate their children as future veterinarians, chefs, astronauts, ballerinas, + more.


Thankfully I found these gems through my sister Kayce. She told me about their company, and as you know, I desire to expand black businesses. Especially since in my 31 years of living, I have never been able to purchase bandages that match my skin...WOW. Band-Aid has always been so generic until recently. Glad they're making efforts to be more inclusive, but other companies such as Browndages have bridged the gap, and I'm thankful for them.



Keiara wearing the caramel Browndage.
Keiara wearing the caramel Browndage.

When I learned about Browndages, they only had bandages + books. At the time, they were sold out of pretty much everything, but when I tell yall they have been working hard to replenish their stock + expand their product line--- you'll have to see for yourself when you visit their site

I love their bandages because of the variety, of course, and the fabric adhesive dressing applied to each bandage. Fabric is definitely the most comfortable & flexible--they contour to whatever area of the body it's applied vs. plastic. The only downside to these bandages (as any fabric bandage) is they don't last very long when wet & you don't get as many in the box for the price. Listed below are the pros + cons for me.

PLEASE NOTE: The white lighting altered the caramel shade Browndage wore in the pic above.


  • Variety of skin-tone options

  • The packaging container for the kid's bandages

  • Characters are represented on the kid's bandages

  • Fabric Adhesive Dressing

  • Black own

  • FSA Eligible (Flexible Spending Accounts)

  • The personalized letter sent w/ the order


  • The adult browndages box got bent during shipment

  • Doesn't last long if wet

  • Not enough bandages for the price

Overall I love their product and the fact they have given people of color the option to "heal in silence." That means so much to me & everyone else who didn't feel included with other bandage companies. I'm sure Browndage is going to expand beyond their wildest dreams soon.


For this product + their new editions (such as pajamas, first-aid kit & healing balm, hats & masks, + books), please visit


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