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From Bold Lipsticks to Fast Face Makeup Systems...Melissa Butler Elevates Beauty to NEW Heights!



Photo - Courtesy of The Lip Bar

Meet Melissa Butler, founder of the beauty brand The Lip Bar. Butler launched in 2012 when she decided not to conform to what society felt beauty is. She made lipsticks in her kitchen while still working on Wall Street. If that's not real, I don't know what is. Small beginnings can lead to profitable outcomes.

Melissa and a business partner appeared on ABC's Shark Tank, where they were publicly shot down and left without a deal.

“Our rejection on Shark Tank was not easy, but at that moment, I had to make a decision.  And I decided that I would not give someone else power over my dreams.” - Melissa Butler, The Lip Bar founder

They could've allowed that to kill their spirits and kept them from pushing forward, but they didn't. Being on the show gave The Lip Bar free marketing, and Melissa used that to her advantage. Now, the make-up company is in over 450 Target stores nationwide and opened a flagship store in downtown Detroit, MI.

Who says you can't start small, beat the odds, and come through with a

Melissa's story has inspired me from day one. It wasn't just about the products she created for EVERY woman, but what the products stand for in a society that tells women what beauty is. She challenges beauty standards and gives women the courage to be themselves.



I initially learned of The Lip Bar back in 2014 when my sister purchased her first liquid lipstick. The packaging was slightly different, but that was the first thing I fell in love with...the BOMB ass packaging. It's creative and catches the eye.

Fast-forward to April 2019, I attended the Annual Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair & Healthy Lifestyle Event. The Lip Bar had a booth, so you already know I was over at the table trying on every liquid lipstick I could. I ended buying

Man Eater and their #1 Bestseller Bawse Lady. Those two shades started my collection. I now have every color. (additional lipsticks in photo: Haute Mess & Rebel)

The liquid lipsticks are my favs. I like that they are extremely pigmented, and it drys on as a matte finish. However, if your lips tend to get dry like mine (lol), I would recommend exfoliating before application. You don't want your lips looking cracked and crazy with a beautiful shade of glory... I'm only speaking from experience.

In July of 2019, I attended the Essence Festival in New Orleans, LA. TLB launched its first non-lip product, the 2-Layer Bronzer + Blush Duos. I bought Just Got Paid fresh glow duo. If you're headed into work or stepping out for drinks, you can pull the compact out and dab a little on each cheek. The first layer of the compact is a bronzer, starting as your base. The second layer is a highlighter, which gives definition. They have curated a bronzer/blush duo for all skin complexions, so no worries queens, they have you covered!

Now here's where I get EXCITED! I thought that the compact was the big shebang to TLB stepping outside of the confines of lips, but I was wrong. When they said


they weren't lying, and now you can buy the one and only Fast Face Kit. You have six products to beat your entire face in 7 minutes. How's that for the busy bee or people who don't know how to apply make-up but want something quick, easy, and BOMB...This kit is for you.

Photo Courtesy of The Lip Bar

In this kit, you receive a foundation with the brush built-in for easy application, 4N1 Face Palette (Blush, Highlighter, Face And Contour Powder) that you can also use as an eyeshadow palette, Mascara, Eye Liner, 2N1 Brow Gel + Pencil, and Liquid Lipstick. It may sound like a lot, but trust me, it's super easy to apply. They also have several tutorials on their site on how to use it if you need a little assistance.

When I create my YouTube channel (I'm still a complete newbie at all of this), I can also show you how I apply the Fast Face Kit and the other products she has recently released for purchase.


Hopefully, this post has inspired, educated, and propelled you to start a business with no fear and support a black-owned business because we are thriving and providing phenomenal products and services. Let Melissa's story be your motivation! Be sure to check out to purchase the items I talked about + more!


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